Manufacturing is Not Dead

This report is worth the read!  The Economic Modeling Statistics Institute’s conclusions are very similar to what we are working towards in Monroe County … the students, the parents, the educators, the employers …. all need to combine data, communicate, and partner together to succeed and make a difference.


The Economic Modeling Statistics Institute (Emsi) is a labor market analytics firm that finds data about jobs and the economy. A report entitled “Manufacturing Is Not Dead” was recently released earlier this month by Dr. Yustina Saleh, Rob Sentz, and Meredith Metsker. We spent time reviewing this report and found it very worthwhile.

The knowledge of and skill requirements for manufacturing and production jobs today has drastically changed after decades of job loss and a struggling reputation.
These new manufacturing jobs require multi-functional engineering technicians that have traditional manufacturing and engineering skills, workers who can be on the factory floor and also be focused on improving the process of getting the job at hand done. Educators and employers need to work together to train this generation of workers.
The Emsi report highlights the following:
  • “Manufacturing has added nearly one million new jobs since the end of the recession. A growing share of these jobs require post secondary education.
  • Domestic manufacturing increasingly behaves like a high-tech industry in that it needs a smaller, specialized workforce.
  • Employers need workers who blend traditional production skills (machining, welding, fabrication technologies) with engineering skills (process improvement, quality assurance, design).
  • Workers who successfully blend these skills receive higher wages and, perhaps more importantly, can move up the career ladder in their companies or transition to other industries.”
Production job postings from nearly 400,000 postings from 2017 were analyzed to determine the job skills that employers need. This analysis covered the United States and 3 individual states – Michigan, the traditional hub of manufacturing, California – for West Coast representation, and Tennessee (southeast) – an emerging region for manufacturing.

Emsi provides high-quality labor market data and expert analysis to professionals in higher education, economic development, workforce development, commercial real estate, and talent acquisition. Since 2000, hundreds of institutions and employers across the US, UK, and Canada have used Emsi to align programs with regional needs, recruit and retain students, equip students with career visions, support local business activity, and hire the right talent.

Read the full report here: Manufacturing Is Not Dead or learn more at