Monroe County Link – Progress from Pillar Team Captains

On January 12, Monroe County Link moved from a comprehensive economic development strategy for our county to a room full of volunteers ready to move into action. All teams have been charged with reviewing the Action Steps from the Monroe County Link Plan and then working on completing one or two by the end of the year.

The six Pillar Teams are led by Team Captains who have shared updates on their progress thus far. Below is a short synopsis on each Plan Pillar:

Prepare for Investment
Barry Buschmann, The Mannik & Smith Group, Inc. – This Team is working on defining the infrastructure needs for each property and discussing other needs for future development. This Team was developed with members of an existing task force and feel confident about reaching their goals.

Grow Strategically & Logistics Gateway
Paul Pirrone, Bedford Township Supervisor – These two Pillar Teams are working together and have added 2 additional team members. They have done considerable work on the I-75 signage, and are communicating with brokers, property owners, and possible perspective businesses that may want to locate in one of the 8 primary development areas defined in the Plan.

Local Image & Brand
Michael Bosanac, County of Monroe – This Team has a good outline of the issues and are developing a cleanup plan for the I-75 and North Dixie Highway interchange. They have added two additional members to their team.

Quality of Life & Tourism
Doug Chaffin, Monroe Bank & Trust – This Team has adopted the action steps outlined in the plan and have added two additional priorities for consideration. They will be coordinating priorities with the Image and Branding Committee to avoid overlaps.

Talent Development
Dr. Stephen McNew, Monroe County ISD & Greg Pitoniak, SEMCA – This Team is working on developing a strategic plan that links industry and education to tackle the talent shortage. Their team is engaged and discussing issues and opportunities to lead them to where they want to be in the future.

To view the Team Captains’ progress in more detail, please click here.

We also have a Monroe County Link Facebook page that you may follow to stay abreast of happenings on this exciting initiative.