• Locate Your Business

    Locate Your Business

    The Monroe County Business Development Corp. has been helping industries and business capitalize on the opportunities to locate in this dynamic area of Southeast Michigan.

  • Pure Monroe

    Pure Monroe

    When you want a community that offers a small town feel with big city advantages, then Monroe County is your one stop shop.

  • Grow Your Business

    Grow Your Business

    It is the mission of the Monroe County Business Development Corporation (BDC) to create job growth and capital investment in our community.

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    Local Resources

    his business membership organization focuses on providing value for its members, enhancing the business climate in the Monroe County area.

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New customers: learn how to attract them

New customers: learn how to attract them

The main goal for all business owners is always the same of ever: attracting more customers and enlarge one’s business.

For many – if not all of them – business owners a website is the first thing to create in order to get more visibility on a larger scale. The internet helps becoming more accessible to anyone.

Internet: when limits…

Lottery Winners In Monroe County

Lottery Winners In Monroe County

While there are millions of people who choose to play the lottery constantly all around the world, the odds of winning a life-changing jackpot worth several million dollars are extremely slim. However, people continue to buy tickets week after week. Why is that? Let's take the most recent example of a very lucky Monroe County woman who won a whopping …

Communication Tools For Food & Nutrition Businesses

Communication Tools For Food & Nutrition Businesses

All businesses should take care of their communication quality: actually, communication is what makes everything possible between your company and your customers. Without communication tools you cannot get in touch to your public and this cannot reach you in any ways.

Once you decided to launch your company, make sure to add your business the right communication tool. By luck, …

Locksmiths: A Strong Industry

Locksmiths: A Strong Industry

Inside the business universe, a great deal of admiration is given to commercial ventures that are seen as being recession proof. What is a recession proof industry? It is a business that is dependably sought after, regardless of how awful the economy is or what is occurring in terms of world events. The best recession proof businesses are those which …