• Locate Your Business

    Locate Your Business

    The Monroe County Business Development Corp. has been helping industries and business capitalize on the opportunities to locate in this dynamic area of Southeast Michigan.

  • Pure Monroe

    Pure Monroe

    When you want a community that offers a small town feel with big city advantages, then Monroe County is your one stop shop.

  • Grow Your Business

    Grow Your Business

    It is the mission of the Monroe County Business Development Corporation (BDC) to create job growth and capital investment in our community.

  • Local Resources

    Local Resources

    his business membership organization focuses on providing value for its members, enhancing the business climate in the Monroe County area.

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Local Economy & Global Economy

Local Economy & Global Economy

For many reasons, common people to consider the local economy environment as something separated and different than the global economy issues. Actually, the main and unique difference is that the local economy is based on the firms and businesses you can have in your town or city, while the global economy is based on the concept of a larger and …