Our vision

Monroe County will be a thriving community with a vibrant and diverse economy.

Our Mission

The Monroe County Business Alliance works with its strategic partners to attract and retain a diverse range of businesses that create an economic environment of innovation and success.

Our core values

We develop relationships with key strategic partners that create synergy and benefit our businesses and communities.

We roll up our sleeves and immerse ourselves in solving the challenges that face our businesses and communities.

We conduct our duties in an honest, ethical and transparent manner.

We engage in continuous self-improvement to increase our knowledge, skills and qualifications.

We carefully listen to others and treat them with dignity, both internally and externally.

Investing in Monroe County


Your investment in us is an investment in your community and Monroe County! Everyone in our county and state benefits from a strong local economy. Your support enables us to accomplish our mission.

Our investors are stakeholders in the development and growth of Monroe County. They are made up of agencies and manufacturing businesses interested in setting the stage for the local economy, improving the business climate, and providing jobs for the next generation.

We understand the obstacles, opportunities and critical issues that face Monroe County. We help identify programs, people and resources, and articulate on our vision

Port of Monroe
Monroe City Hall

Investor Benefits

Our investors enjoy connecting with other businesses who share an interest in Monroe County. We provide opportunities for business interactions and networking opportunities.

You will receive support from our Staff, Board of Directors and Our Investors. Contact us for more information.