Advancing Manufacturing through Industry 4.0

Increasing awareness of Industry 4.0 in Monroe County remains top of mind at the BDC. There are several programs rolling out this summer that we believe will provide a true tangible benefit for area manufacturers.

  • INDUSTRY 4.0 TECH ASSESSMENTS – Our partners at the MMTC are offering FREE technology/processes assessments to 300 Michigan companies (valued $2500). The goal of these sessions is to review processes and see where implementing Industry 4.0 technology can lead to a direct increase in your bottom line.
  • LEADERSHIP EVALUATION – Our partners at Automation Alley are providing this FREE to essential members. The program measures the readiness of your organization to adopt Industry 4.0 Technologies. It’s the first step to determine what your next steps might be. Simple and fast, you’ll learn where your gaps may exist and where opportunities await.
  • CYBERSECURITY INTERNS – The University of Michigan’s Economic Growth Institute is launching a new program to develop cybersecurity professionals in the manufacturing sector. They are looking to deploy student interns in manufacturing facilities starting this fall. Additionally, if there is an employee that you would like to upskill, the program is able to accommodate that as well.

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please contact Matt via phone (734-241-8081 x 3) or via email at