BDC’s Year-End Report Highlights

A Review of 2019 BDC Highlights
by President & CEO,
Wow, did 2019 ever go fast! Did you feel that way? It seems like only last week we were planning the 2019 calendar, not only for the BDC but also for the Monroe County Link Plan. So as I reflect, please allow me to highlight some of the more notable events of the year.
  • The BDC joined 10 other counties in welcoming the newly created regional economic development organization called Detroit Regional Partnership. This regional initiative is already showing promise as it works to attract new foreign direct investment to southeast Michigan.
  • The Monroe County Link Plan contracted with Florence Buchanan (Customer Experience 360) to project manage the 6 pillar teams.
  • The Board of Directors conduct their 3-year strategic alignment session and investor campaign.
  • The Board of Directors revised their mission and vision and added core values for the organization.
  • Provided support and oversite for the Monroe County Link Plan (please watch for a detailed year end report in our February newsletter).
  • Worked with and supported the City of Monroe, Monroe Charter Township and Frenchtown Township on the Telegraph Road Corridor Study.
  • Supported Village of Dundee on numerous projects during the year.
  • Provided guidance to Bedford Township on both the Lewis Avenue Corridor Plan and the newly formed Economic Development Committee.
  • Worked with two local developers on potential new business park formation.
  • Established formal program to aid Monroe Charter Township with their study of LaPlaisance Road.
  • Visited with 40 manufacturing locations in Monroe County.
  • Provided direct assistance to 14 companies during the year.
  • Worked with the City of Monroe on a Transportation Economic Development Fund grant to support road improvements to Ternes Drive that would support expansion plans of several of the parks businesses.
  • In partnership with the Monroe County ISD, conducted the 4th annual Monroe County Manufacturers Day.
  • Worked with SE Michigan Community Alliance to establish a Business Resource Network in Monroe County.
  • Launched the 1st Career Expo in partnership with the ISD for the purpose of connecting graduating seniors with available local job opportunities.
  • Produced our 3rd annual Focus on the Future in partnership with the Monroe County Community College.
  • Continued promoting Monroe County as it relates to economic development via our monthly newsletter and social media channels.
Lastly, but certainly not least, we continue to work with our existing manufacturers and to attract new companies to the area. In 2019 we worked with two new project and one existing manufacture that are reporting a capital investment in Monroe County. Collectively these investment total over $177 Million dollars and are projected to create 600 new jobs while retaining 30.
We appreciate you and your business, and we thank you for all of your support over the years.