Connect To Your Future Workforce

This morning, we hosted an event to showcase MI Bright Future, an online tool that connects you and your business to the future workforce in our community.

There were 18 different businesses represented at this session. These businesses heard as Jennifer LaDuke, Career & Technical Education Director at Monroe County ISD,  presented on how the schools want students to have experiences with local businesses before they graduate from high school. They want to be connected to local businesses to give input on what the students are doing and learning.

All 9 Monroe School Districts have committed to supporting MI Bright Future and will be implementing the program in the near future. Airport Schools, who engaged early on, are already in the implementation stage.

Businesses then heard from Carrie Bonofiglio, Workforce Intelligence Network Coordinator for MI Bright Future, whose goal is to work with businesses wishing to engage in Mi Bright Future.  Businesses were encouraged to register their business or organization and to sign up as a career coach. Businesses are able to promote their workplace and offer a wide variety of activities in which students may participate, thereby learning more about the company and its jobs and culture. Company staff may register individually as coaches. As subject matter experts in their related occupations, they field questions that students ask via the MI Bright Future portal.

The struggle for talent is real and is almost everywhere. MI Bright Future will help to broaden a students’ knowledge of various careers and what it takes to get there, and at the same time the program helps businesses identify future employees.

For more information, please contact Carrie Bonofiglio at WIN (517-282-1246) or Jennifer LaDuke at Monroe County ISD at 734-322-2720.  And, as always, you may contact the BDC at 734-241-8081.