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michigan opens to full capacity june 22

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Back to Work Resources

As the economy continues to recover, the Small Business Development Corporation of Michigan (SBDC) has launched a new ‘Back to Work’ effort to highlight programs and services that help businesses and their workforce.
The new online resource – – centralizes programs and services aimed at helping employers fill job openings and provide safe, healthy work environments for workers. Download a highlight of the resources being offered.

$2M in COVID-19 workplace safety grants now available 

The State of Michigan has launched another round of funding for the Michigan COVID-19 Safety Grant Program. These grants will provide small businesses with fewer than 250 employees, including licensed non in-home childcare centers, matching funds of up to $10,000 to decrease the risk of COVID-19 spread through safety and health-related equipment purchased and training.

The grant application window is now open and will close Friday, June 18, with awards given shortly thereafter. Grants received after June 18, will be held pending a potential third phase, if funds remain available. To apply, businesses need to complete the Michigan COVID-19 Safety Grant application.

Examples of how grant funding may be utilized:

  • Purchasing supplies/materials such as sneeze guards, physical barriers, face coverings and hand washing/hygiene stations.
  • Purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including gowns, gloves and eye protection.
  • Training to educate employees about the spread and dangers of COVID-19.

Additional information on grant funding can be found in the program brochure and the full press release. Learn more about MIOSHA efforts to protect Michigan’s workforce during the pandemic and for information on the latest workplace safety guidance at

American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

This web page from provides the history and text of the American Rescue Plan made into law on March 11, 2021. The $1.9 trillion rescue plan will accelerate America’s vaccination effort, cut child poverty in half, extend a lifeline to the unemployed, provide aid to working families, ensure that state and local governments can keep providing needed services, and provide resources to allow schools to reopen safely.


Businesses that are struggling are encouraged to seek advice from their lenders, utility providers, landlords or mortgage holders and vendors. Many are willing to work with clients and can discuss options for you and your business. If there is anything we can do to assist, you may contact the BDC Staff via email or by phone at 734-241-8081.


  • SBDC OFFERING FREE TRAINING COURSE -The Michigan SBDC has introduced a self-paced course, the Comeback Kit, designed for Michigan small business owners and entrepreneurs who are working to come back from the impacts and effects of the pandemic. This learning module will help small businesses to evaluate their financials, understand where they are today, and recognize what they need to do to get healthier tomorrow. Learn more about taking advantage of this free online course.
  • MICHIGAN SMALL BUSINESS SURVIVAL GRANT PROGRAM -A summary of the Michigan Small Business Survival Grant award information was provided by the Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC). Here is a link to the announcement from Gov. Whitmer:  Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announces nearly 6,000 small businesses across Michigan awarded $52.5 million through Michigan Small Business Survival Grant Program | Michigan Business
  • Businesses across the state can schedule free COVID-19 safety consultations as a part of the Ambassador program partnership with NSF International and MIOSHA. Ambassadors are conducting outreach to statewide businesses to offer education and support to implement regulations on workplace safety. In addition, businesses can visit the COVID-19 workplace safety website to schedule tier-two consultations, an in-depth assessment of workplace safety requirements, with NSF International. These meetings will connect employers directly with an Ambassador to identify and implement solutions in their specific workplace free of charge. Tier-two visits are targeted to these at-risk industries: retail stores, restaurants and gyms. Employers and employees with specific questions regarding workplace safety and health may contact MIOSHA using the hotline at 855-SAFEC19 (855-723-3219).
  • Pure Michigan Business Connect (PMBC) has a procurement program to assist businesses in accessing non-medical grade PPE to keep employees and customers safe. There are two programs:  One for your Procurement Needs and the other for Supplier Capabilities if you are in a position to fill PPE needs.
  • Every business must develop a COVID-19 preparedness and response plan, consistent with recommendations in Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19, developed by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and available here. Within two weeks of resuming in-person activities, a business plan must be made readily available to employees, labor unions, and customers, whether via website, internal network, or by hard copy. Here are some different sources that may help you in getting your plan developed and implemented.

Financial Resources

During any economic crisis, business owners should be in contact with their financial lender.  If you don't have one, financial resources are listed on this webpage that you may consider.

We also advise you to look over the following resources. They will help you prepare for a discussion with your advisor.

Please contact our office if you have any questions at or 734-241-8081:

Local Financial Resources

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Office:  734-242-2965

Call Center Staff

Tina Kern
Office: 734-244-1501
Cell: 419-461-1762

Chuck West
Phone: (734)-244-5535

Grand Mill offers business to business funding solutions. They are in the process of developing funding solutions for business to retail (i.e. bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.) in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Reach out to them to see how they can assist your business today. 
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