Enthusiasm & Progress – Monroe County Link

On June 15, the second meeting of the entire Monroe County Link Action Team was held. This meeting brought all six Pillar Team Captains and Members together in one room. The teams have not met collectively since the initial kick-off meeting that was held January 12. The enthusiasm and excitement that filled the room in January is still growing and evolving!

Tim Lake, President & CEO of the BDC, started off the meeting by welcoming everyone and thanking each person for their out-of-the-box support and dedication to the success of the Monroe County Link Plan. The MCL Action Team members step out from their daily responsibilities and comfort zone without any compensation. Their work is invaluable in positioning Monroe County to grow and adapt to the changing 21st century.

Each Pillar Team Captain presented a general overview of lessons learned and what their year-end 2018 projected goals and expectations entail. View Pillar Teams’ highlights.

The next scheduled meeting for the Team Captains will be held via conference call in September, then in November, the entire Monroe County Link Action Team will be together again to go over what has been accomplished in 2018 and expectations for 2019.

We are seeing great things happening in Monroe County. And, we are so excited for the future of our community!