FEDCO Expansion Completed

FEDCO completed its fifth expansion in September.

The $5 million expansion added 72,000 square feet to add new pump processing equipment for the product line in the oil and gas industry, said Alisha Cooley, FEDCO marketing specialist.

The addition also established a head office for Advanced Pumps International, a partnership between FEDCO and Japanese company Torishima Pump Manufacturing Co. that makes pumps for the oil and gas industry, Ms. Cooley said.

The joint venture began in June, 2012, between the two companies to break into the industry.

FEDCO primarily manufactures turbocharger energy recovery devices and centrifugal pumps for desalination systems.

In the expansion, the lobby and administrative offices were relocated to a three-story, glass-faced office tower, according to a FEDCO fact sheet. A cafeteria, fitness room and three loading docks with overhead cranes also were added.

Construction was completed by Virgil Krueger & Sons.

Story by By Alex Alusheff