Guiding Entrepreneurship in Monroe County

Monroe County is a community that was built on the backs of entrepreneurship. Starting and growing businesses is something to be celebrated but it does not come without a fair share of long days/nights logging hours to turn dreams into reality. In Monroe County, we do not want to see residents go elsewhere to start or operate their business… we want them to grow and thrive right here. Welcome to Launch 734.

Launch 734 is a conglomerate of entrepreneurial resources to help businesses start, grow, and thrive in Monroe County. The Monroe County Link Plan’s Grow Strategic Pillar team recognized the need for programs to directly support those who are looking to start or grow their business. The team recently applied for and received a grant of $100,000 over the next 2 years to get the a series of programming for start-ups, grow-ups and SMEs up and running.

The team has since shifted to be known as the Launch 734 pillar team and serve by providing oversight to this new non-profit organization. The intent is to hire a program director/entrepreneur in residence within the next 4 months but the BDC staff is excited to help get this worthwhile initiative off the ground.

To learn more about the Launch 734 program, please visit Launch 734 (please check back frequently because this site is a work in progress).