How to draft a security plan for your business

Every company should have a well established security plan carried out by professionals. If you fail to ensure that both physical and cyber security systems work properly, your business is at risk for being attacked. The private data of clients and your assets are just as important. Let’s see the most important parts of a security plan.

Physical security

During the day, your business is probably safer than during the night because the dark allows thieves to act unimpeded. You have to stop this by leaving the lights on to discourage thieves of even trying to break in because potential bystanders might spot them.

Another idea is to establish a perimeter inside which the intruder is easier to be spotted. This can be done through landscape to create soft barriers or through fencing to create hard barriers. People know that others should not be inside that perimeter after working hours.

As for criminal activities in broad daylight, you should focus on the main points of entry. Intruders would rather go through the usual points Guard protecting the gateof access where you expect to see people rather than through back doors in side alleys that few persons are allowed to use during the day.

Locks are important for physical security. Upgrade your locks by calling a Boston locksmith. They also work in case of emergencies, so don’t worry about making a call in the middle of night. Here is the website where you find professional locksmiths with affordable prices:

Technical security

We are talking here about alarm systems, security cameras and firewalls to protect the privacy of your clients and employees. An alarm system reduces the need for staff. For example, if a burglar comes in demanding to receive all the money from the safe, you can push a panic button that triggers a silent alarm. The police will come right away to stop the robbery and even save your life. Being the victim of an armed robbery leaves significant psychological marks but knowing that the police came on time will help you get past this.

Security cameras must be strategically positioned inside and around the facility to not leave any blind spots that the intruder can use to avoid detection. The presence of security cameras discourages inexperienced burglars from making a move but skilled thieves will get past them anyway.

Operational security

This refers to well trained security staff who knows how to handle emergency situations. All organizations that have the budget to pay security guards seek companies that can provide high quality services.  However, operational security doesn’t refer only to the staff but also to procedures and policies that the staff must follow to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

If you can’t afford hiring a company, you should at least hire a competent guard. Most thieves feel discouraged when they see a guard patrolling the premises at night and might move on to a more vulnerable target. Still, remember this: hiring a bad guard is equal to almost nothing. Find someone who poses a threat to potential intruders if you want more than just a man dressed as a guard.