Lottery Winners In Monroe County

While there are millions of people who choose to play the lottery constantly all around the world, the odds of winning a life-changing jackpot worth several million dollars are extremely slim. However, people continue to buy tickets week after week. Why is that? Let's take the most recent example of a very lucky Monroe County woman who won a whopping $2 million jackpot prize at Michigan Lottery's Mega Money Multiplier instant game. She probably never suspected she would buy the luckiest ticket in her life in Newport, Mich; but her streak of luck came in the least expected moment, which is the whole allure of the game of lottery: the fact that you never know when you could randomly win. So you need to keep on playing. If you live in Monroe County, here are a few more interesting facts on lucky lottery winners that might be living right across the street from you.

Lottery Winners Usually Keep Their Identity Hidden

According to a Michigan Lottery release, the lucky winner of the $2 million jackpot prize chose to keep her identity a secret. This is common behavior for lottery winners who need to collect a huge prize and at the same time protect themselves against thieves and mal-intended people. Winners need time to figure out what to do with the money they have won; and while most business owners and small entrepreneurs might be happy to invest them and grow their business, some more impulsive people might make luxury purchases and go on exotic vacations. Have you ever though what would you do should you win the lottery?

What's The Best Way To Handle A Lottery Win?

The Monroe County woman who won a $2 million prize decided to take her prize in the form of a lump sum payment totaling $1.3 million. Her plans for the future are to pay all of her bills and put aside the rest of the money. Of course there are many people who win the New York Lottery game with tickets bought on lotterymaster and quit their jobs and start their own businesses or buy expensive stocks and live off of them.

The advantage of playing the lottery online primarily comes from the simplicity of the play process. You can conveniently click a few buttons and mark tickets with your favorite numbers or use a random number generator to have the tickets be automatically marked. You can gain access at a large number of domestic and international lottery games – the biggest on the planet and on all continent – and turn into a player even though you cannot physically buy tickets in the originating countries of the games. Discounts and promos are also a constant of sites like Lottery Master and other similar ones, so saving money while playing should also be counted as another huge advantage of playing online. Winners also enjoy all the anonymity they want, as they will be announced via personal emails sent to their email address.

Of course you could also be lucky enough to buy a winning lottery ticket from a local Citgo gas station, which is what happened to another Monroe County woman who recently won $300,000 there.