Market Research & Business Intelligence Tool Available!

Through our partners at the Detroit Regional Partnership (DRP), we are able to offer a free service that you may start using today! The DRP has secured a data tool to serve entrepreneurs and small business customers with market research and business intelligence.

SizeUp empowers small business customers to succeed and increase engagement. For private sector customers, it also enables them to introduce products and services to their small business customers at strategic decision making moments in the business’ lifecycle, increase acquisition of new customers, and retain existing customers.

Get assistance in making smart decisions using SizeUp and learn the answers to questions that keep aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners up at night:

  • How do I compare?
    Find out how you measure up to the rest of the competition in your industry.
  • Where are my customers?
    See the locations of potential customers, suppliers, and competitors.
  • Where should I advertise?
    Invest your advertising budget in the right place.