Monroe County Link – Almost a Year Old

The Monroe County Link Action Team Meeting held their final meeting for 2018 on November 9. Over the course of the first year, from January 12 to date, the Monroe County Pillar Team volunteers have logged over 500 hours of dedication to this initiative.

The meeting began with Tim Lake, BDC’s President & CEO, reminding the group of the project’s purpose which was to create a strategy to guide the I-75 corridor economic development decisions. This plan has since evolved to become the County’s economic strategy guide!
The Pillars and Team Captains are:
  • Prepare for Investment
    Barry Buschmann, Mannik Smith Group
  • Grow Strategically¬†and¬†Grow Monroe As A Logistics Gateway
    Paul Pirrone, Bedford Township
  • Enhance the Local Image & Brand
    Michael Bosanac, County of Monroe
  • Improve the Local Quality of Life & Strengthen Tourism Opportunities
    Doug Chaffin, Monroe Bank & Trust
  • Improve Workforce Development & Education
    Co-chaired by Dr. Stephen McNew, Monroe County Intermediate School District &
    Gregory Pitoniak, Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA)
Each Pillar Team Captain presented their priority goals, hurdles, and what they have learned. Following the presentations, an open “thoughts” session was held where these comments were shared:
  • The value in the future will be in the ideas, taking risks and learning from it.
  • Risks were taken, lessons were learned.
  • People are excited about the growth of our county.
  • It is imperative to some communities that the Monroe County Link initiative continue.
  • We are making the process easier for developers, but communities need to get onboard.
  • We have so many exciting things happening with the Battlefield and Monroe County; the MC Link Team will continue to help and communicate our message.
  • Ideas that come up in Monroe County Link meetings are taken back to individual communities where they are incorporated on a smaller scale.
  • The value of the Monroe County Link plan is extremely beneficial … it should never end.
  • This is a great platform for everyone to get together … it is nice to have major community players and elected officials at the same table.
Watch for more on the Monroe County Link Plan to come. Monroe County has come a long way this past year, and we can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!