Michigan 2nd among all states in improved economy

Bulletin from Michigan Economic Development Corporation
posted 4/14/2015

Thanks to Bloomberg Business, we now have confirmation that Michigan’s economic comeback is stronger than nearly all of the 50 states. Here is that publication’s rendering:

“Michigan’s February unemployment rate was the lowest in 13 years, and its overall economic health improved the second-most among states since 2009 after oil-rich North Dakota, according to the Bloomberg Economic Evaluation of States. The index includes data on job growth, mortgage delinquencies, personal income, tax revenue, housing prices and stock performance.”

This is just one of many interesting items in the report entitled, “Michigan’s Snyder Vows to Lead U.S. in Skilled-Job Training.” It’s all online at: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-10/michigan-s-snyder-vows-to-lead-u-s-in-training-for-skilled-jobs.