Michigan Lottery Players Win Big

The odds of winning the lottery when playing a big game with huge jackpots are extremely small. No matter how nice we might try to wrap it, the truth is the the odds are very slim. But this does not prevent most players to go back to their favorite corner shops and buy tickets every week. Why? Because unless you don't play, you cannot possibly win, as small as he chances of doing so might be. And there are some ways of controlling your fate as well, or at least of giving your odds a small kick. Michigan residents apparently know this very well; at the beginning of the year, one lucky Emmet County player managed to win the incredible jackpot worth $3.5 million playing Lottery 47. he had purchased the ticket from a general store in Pellston and he didn't need more than one ticket to win the life-changing prize.

$340 Million For A Lucky Powerball Winner powerball numbers

Many people get light headed by simply hearing what's the size of the jackpot prizes they could be winning during the weekly draws. And the whopping $350 million prize that was won in 2006 with a ticket bought in Jacksonville, Oregon is definitely one of the legendary prizes rewarding a passionate player. The Powerball numbers that had won him the money were randomly chosen, at least at first sight. But the truth is that lucky player knew what he was doing, and he did use some winning strategies when he played the ticket of his lifetime. Interested in becoming the next big Powerball winner from Michigan?

Breaking Down The Odds Of Winning

First of all, Powerball is a game that asks players to select 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 55, and a 6th number called the red powerball ranging from 1 to 42. If a player only matches the powerball number, he will win $3, and the odds of winning are 1 in 69, or 1.4%. one white ball and the powerball number will trigger a winning of $4, with odds of 1 in 127; matching 3 white balls will bring you a $7 winning, but the odds of doing that are of 1 in 291. Sounds bad already? Let's cut it short: for matching the 5 white balls and the powerball on your ticket with the numbers drawn during the weekly Powerball draft, you will be looking at the grand prize – with odds of 1 in 146,107,962. That's a mere and rare 0.0000006 percent! Not so eager to play now? While statistically speaking the odds are incredibly low and you are probably most likely to receive a fortune from a far-away relative than win the lottery, many people continue to do it. What stimulates them to go on? The fact that winnings usually come unexpectedly and they surprise players, as loyal and persistent as they might be in their game play. Since there is no actual recipe for winning, only several systems that claim to help players make better choice for their numbers, all they can do is keep playing and cross fingers for their choices to be the luckiest the upcoming week.