Monroe Business Lockout Emergency Tips

Do you remember when Fred Flintstone used to get locked out of the house by his wife at night and he was desperately trying to get back in? When a person gets locked out of his house or car by accident, chances are the level of comedy he manages to pull without even trying are similar to the ones of the iconic Flinstones' scenes. Locking yourself out of your car by mistake is not something to be extremely embarrassed of, even though it sure might feel like it when it does happen to you. All eyes are on you, people gather around your car and watch you try to use a paperclip to unlock your car, some might even start to film you and make you a star on YouTube…need we go on? If you have experienced this scenario at least once in your life, you must know exactly what we are talking about. If not, kudos for you and may you never find out! As for locking yourself out of your own store, shop, or office, we have a few tips for you.

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As long as your office or commercial space does not have any advanced lock amenities installed – such as access card, fingerprint locks, or anything similar – you can try the following business lockout methods.

  • Does anyone have a screwdriver at hand? You can test this method on a door with privacy handles that are usually locked by pushing down the button placed on the handle. Search for the small hole on the doorknob in case you are locked out from the other side of the door; use a small paperclip and push it into the whole. You can also replace the flat paperclip with a screwdriver or a butter knife. Once you have managed to push the button, it is time to twist or turn it until you notice the clip popping, letting you know you have successfully opened the door.

  • Put your credit card to different use. If your locked office door has a deadbolt lock on it, you will most likely be forced to pick up a phone and call an emergency locksmith that handles lockouts in your area like the ones you can find here for New York residents. Deadbolt locks are there for a reason: to keep your office building or store better protected against burglars or potential intruders, so trying to pick them using your unprofessional tools will most likely end up in with a failure. So it is best to rapidly search for a nearby commercial locksmith in the area who can immediately dispatch a mobile crew that will reach your office within 15 to 20 minutes form placing a call and unlock the door hassle-free.

  • However, you can try to use a credit card on a regular spring lock. Use a credit card that doesn't have a lot of money on it or an old one you are no longer using and force it between the frame and the lock – just like you've seen so many times in the movies! You can also try to bend it backwards, then force the lock back into the door and watch a small miracle happen right in front of your eyes.

  • If your door is simply jammed, you can also try to pull or push the door while the key is turned. Use as much force as you can, but try not to break your lock or door so will eventually find yourself in need of a locksmith later on.