Monroe County ISD Technology Millage

Over the past several months, the Monroe County BDC has been working with the Monroe County Intermediate School Districts (ISD) and the Monroe County Community College to generate a pipeline of talent around the skilled trades. Equally if not more important is the ISD renewal of the Technology millage. As we move throughout the county and visit with our business and manufacturing community, we are constantly reminded of the depth of technology embedded in every organization from La-Z-Boy’s new headquarters, which is a state-of-the-art facility, to our many advanced manufacturing operations.  This level of technology must also be part of our K-12 school system.

If passed, this millage will be distributed to local public school districts based on a per pupil membership count. This millage is designated solely for educational technology and related expenses such as computer hardware and software, equipment, distance learning connections, teleconferences, professional development for educators, technology integration and collaborative learning experiences. The Monroe County BDC recognizes that this educational technology offered to the students of Monroe County is important to the betterment of the education of our children and the enhancement of our community, which will in turn, attract new business and industry.

I applaud the residents of Monroe County for passing the initial millage and twice supporting its renewal.  The BDC fully supports this renewal and encourages all Monroe County voters who wish to support a high tech educational system and to further aid the economic development of their community to vote YES for the Technology Millage on May 3.

Tim Lake / CEO & President