Monroe County Link Monthly Update

Here are the Monroe County Link Action Team Meeting updates for the past month. 

The Prepare for Investment Pillar sub-committee attended Monroe Township’s Board of Trustees meeting on June 18. During the meeting, the Monroe Township Board passed Resolution 19-14, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the BDC and Monroe Charter Township. The Resolution recognizes the importance of the development of Priority Development Area (PDA) Site #6 (LaPlaisance Road) and lays the ground work for Monroe Charter Township to work directly with the Prepare for Investment Pillar to create a streamlined development process. Congratulations to the Prepare for Investment Pillar for accomplishing the first major step needed to move forward with redeveloping PDA Site #6! 

Matt Zook, Executive Director of the Monroe County Tourism Bureau, joined the Image and Brand Pillar Team. Mr Zook’s presence on this Pillar Team will enable synergistic branding and marketing efforts between the MC Link Plan and the Tourism Bureau. 

The Grow Strategically and Logistics pillars completed their Mission and Vision statements during June. In addition, the decision was made to separate these pillar teams as they were in the original plan. Tim Lake will lead the Logistics Gateway Pillar and Paul Pirrone will lead the Grow Strategically Pillar. We are also considering combining the EDC Innovation and Entrepreneurship sub-committee with the Grow Strategically Pillar. 

The Quality of Life and Tourism Pillar and Talent Development Pillar continue to develop goals and priorities for 2019. 

As always, we thank these dedicated volunteers for all of their hard work and efforts towards development and continued growth of our community. If you would like to catch up on the past monthly updates, please click here: MC Monthly Updates, or visit the Monroe County Link website, click here.