Monroe County Link Monthly Update

Each month, Florence Buchanan, Monroe County Link Plan Facilitator, will be updating us on a few of the past month's highlights. We are excited to share her first report!


The Monroe County Link Plan Team Captains will focus on accomplishing their goals and setting priorities for 2019.


One of the top priorities is to complete the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for local communities and property owners. The Prepare for Investment, led by Barry Buschman, and the Grow Strategically and Grow Monroe as a Logistics Gateway, both led by Paul Pirrone, are the lead Pillar Teams of this endeavor. Once the MOUs are finalized, the Pillar Team Captains will have a solid foundation to move forward with the Project Development Areas (PDA).


We are pleased to announce that the Quality of Life and Tourism Pillar Team has 2 new members; Mark Cochran, Assistant to the City Manager & Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Monroe and Matt Zook, the new Executive Director of the Monroe County Tourism Bureau. Both of them will add another layer of expertise to this team. We welcome Mark and Matt to the Monroe County Action Team!