Newport Entrepreneur’s Designs Protect Our Country

Mid-American Group’s (MAG) President & BDC Board Member Keith Masserant has been studying and contemplating the threat of electromagnetic pulse (EMP). EMP attacks are a significant threat to our military, our businesses and American citizens.

To meet this threat, MAG has expanded its successful CMCE Lightning EMP Device to help prevent EMP attacks from foreign governments and overseas businesses through electromagnetic pulse warfare, and from other naturally occurring EMP threats such as solar flares.

The Electromagnetic Field Compensator (CMCE) balances the electrical field, protecting facilities and property. It is the first device in history capable of balancing electric field changes.

To ensure better protection among a broader man-made EMP attack and high elevation solar flares, MAG and its engineering partner have created a product, based on the CMCE technology, which clusters devices together for a more power protection area adding graphene, the most resistant material in nature, 200 times stronger than steel.

We congratulate Keith and MAG for their EMP Defense success. We are excited for your future and that this is all happening in our community! For more information, please visit or contact Keith via email or at 734-586-8868.