Protect Our Manufacturing Base

In cooperation with local municipalities, our county commissioners and a group of dedicated volunteers, the Monroe County Link Plan has been working to create an environment for economic growth. A main pillar of that activity is identifying and preparing sites for development.

One such site identified is the LaPlaisance Road Corridor. Through two different studies this corridor has been identified as a Preferred Development Area best suited for development in areas of advanced manufacturing, research and development, and TDL operations.

The latest study estimates a potential for over 7 MILLION SQUARE FEET of industrial building opportunity and over 7000 potential NEW jobs.

Based on these recent studies, Monroe Township has proactively acted to rezone the golf course on LaPlaisance Road to an industrial classification. Currently there is an effort underway to force the Township to bring the matter to a vote of the public. Although we appreciate the value of another golf course in Monroe Township, the BDC believes the revenue generated from a $100 MM industrial development and the jobs created are more beneficial to our community.

Therefore, if you are asked to sign a petition to bring the matter to a vote of the public, we encourage you to NOT sign until you have all the facts. We are happy to explain all the pros and cons…… just give us a call at 734-241-8081 for further details.