Shoreline Restoration Product Announced by Mid-American Group

We are happy to share a new program just launched by one of our investors, Mid-American Group. This program is a product that is used to stabilize shores and assist with high water issues that surround our local community and state.
Mid-American Group’s “Breakwaters” are a product for shoreline restoration and control. Breakwaters are designed to absorb energy of the waves that strike either by using a large mass or a revetment slope. The product absorbs incidental swells, reduces wave overtopping and minimizes reflection.
Breakwaters using Mid-American’s tetrapods dissipate the force of incoming waves by allowing water to flow around rather than against it. They reduce displacement by allowing a random distribution of tetrapods to mutually interlock and settle into a linked configuration. Tetrapod barriers are flexible and maintain their hydraulic performance even after collapse. The collapse is a design feature allowing the tetrapods to work together forming a strong barrier for erosion and security.
Learn more by visiting Mid-American Group’s website!