Simple Ways to Raise Funds for Starting a New Business

Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as many people think. Entrepreneurs don’t sit on their hands all day long waiting for money to come their way. You need to be creative and proactive. An entrepreneur looks for ways to finance their business and does everything possible to make it successful. This article tackles the financing part and we hope we gave you a few ideas to start your search for funds. Good luck!

Home equity loans

This is a viable option for homeowners who have equity. Now, you are wondering what equity is. Simply put, you subtract the amount you owe from the value of the house and you obtain equity. If you are leaning toward this financing option, expect flexible interest rates that are also lower than the rates of traditional loans.

This being said, it is a cheap way to finance a business but it’s also high risk because the bank takes your house if the business fails. You risk foreclosure if can’t adhere to the terms and conditions you agreed to in the contract. That’s why you must read the contract very carefully and take a couple of days to think things through. Ask for the opinion of an expert regarding your business idea. His input should weigh enough to give you some guidance but it’s you who makes the decision in the end. If you are having doubts, it’s better to just opt for another type of financing.

Angel investors

The name suggests that an angel investor is a wealthy individual or corporation which invests in a dying or new business that he deems worthy of his money. Don’t think for a second that the investor doesn’t ask for something back. You usually have to give up on a certain percentage of shares and/or revenue.

The investor might also have the power to take managerial decisions regarding the development of the business. He might also be able to fire employees but not partners. All these considered, there still are plenty of businesses saved by Angel investors and there’s no reason why yours can’t be one of them assuming you agree to the proposed terms.

Use your own money

If none of this sounds good to you, there is only one option left: bring your own money to the table and nobody will ever have a say in what you decide nor will they get a part of your profits. Now, the fact that you are reading this article tells me that you don’t have the money. Here’s a solution: play the Mega Millions lottery and you may win more money than you need to set up a great business.

Many people are faced with the dilemma of what numbers to choose. If you are not superstitious and don’t feel the need to play numbers that are significant to you (for example, birthdays), turn to this Mega Millions random numbers generator. This way, you totally leave the result in the hands of fate. However, if you are the controlling type, maybe you should just pick the numbers yourself but be prepared to take responsibility if failure occurs.