Sunrise Window's Expansion


Sunrise Windows in Bedford Township is adding 100 jobs to its work force as it builds an 8,000-square-foot, $5.1 million showroom at its facility.

The manufacturer of custom made replacement windows, sliding doors and interior wood trim has received a $ 350,000 Michigan Business Development Program performancebased grant from the Michigan Development Corp. to help pay for the project.

The new showroom at the company’s plant at 200 Enterprise Dr. will be dedicated to Sunrise’s newest products, said President and Chief Executive Officer Joe Guarino.

In addition to producing win­dows in various styles, Sunrise recently began producing a line of exterior entry doors and the wood-based trim those doors utilize. They now also offer customized paint for their exterior windows.

Mr. Guarino said the new jobs will be created in office work and manufacturing.

Sunrise has a similar showroom operating in Toledo, which will remain in operation. Mr. Guarino said the grant allowed the company to build the new facility in Michigan, rather than buying a building in Ohio.

“ We’ve been very pleased with how generous Michigan has been, making it the better place to continue our business,” Mr. Guarino said.

The company also has filed applications for property tax abatement over the years through the Bedford Township Board. This extra savings, Mr. Guarino said, helps Sunrise further grow the business through job creation.

Sunrise Windows has a long history of supporting job growth and capital investment in its community, the MEDC said in a press release about the grant.

The business was established in 1994, and moved to Bedford in 1997.