Swift House Action Needed to Grow Good-Paying Jobs NOW

Every day we delay, is another day Michiganders, our communities everywhere and our state are losing out on jobs, investment and opportunities. Please view Press Release which was published today.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, June 20, 2017
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Press Release
June 20, 2017

Thousands of jobs via projects in communities across Michigan are on the line; swift House action needed to grow good-paying jobs now

Lansing, Mich. — The Good Jobs for Michigan coalition issued the following statement as the bipartisan Good Jobs for Michigan package (Senate Bills 242-244) awaits action in the House Tax Policy Committee. Nearly 75 community, business and labor leaders statewide testified in favor or submitted a card of support at or during a four-hour hearing last week.

“The Good Jobs for Michigan package is a critical economic development tool that the state and its communities need to compete and attract good-paying jobs – now and in the future. There are several very real projects in the pipeline, from 300+ jobs to over 2,000, in regions across the state. But the competition is fierce, especially with our Great Lakes neighbors Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin, and southern states like Kentucky and South Carolina. Our communities and Michigan families cannot afford for the state to sit on the sidelines any longer and let other states lure away jobs that could and should be coming here.

“Communities of all shapes, sizes and locations, economic development experts and organizations representing businesses and industries of all types and the hard-working men and women of our state all strongly support this. Research shows that an overwhelming 77 percent of Michiganders across both peninsulas regardless of political affiliation back this legislation.

“Beyond that, the legislation was specially constructed with key safeguards to protect the state, communities and taxpayers. It’s transparent, predictable and ensures that no company receives an incentive until it proves each year it has created the jobs and wages required. No jobs? No incentive. Period.

“It’s time to act. Every day we delay, is another day we’re losing out on jobs, investment and opportunities that will grow our economy everywhere and improve quality of life for all. We urge the Michigan House to pass this critical legislation before they adjourn for the summer.”


About the legislation:

The legislation, Senate Bills 242-244 sponsored by Sens. Jim Stamas, Wayne Schmidt and Steven Bieda, would use a transparent, performance based incentive to fill a critical gap in Michigan’s business attraction toolkit and enable the Great Lakes State to compete on a national level for larger, game-changing projects that will create hundreds of new and good-paying jobs each.

About Good Jobs for Michigan

Good Jobs for Michigan is a coalition of more than 65 leading business and economic development, community and labor organizations all working together to ensure Michigan has the economic development and incentive tools needed to compete and attract large-scale projects, growing more good-paying jobs and investments in communities throughout the state.  For more information about the legislation and full list of coalition partners, visit www.GoodJobsForMichigan.com.